dynamite with a laser beam (51stcenturyfox) wrote,
dynamite with a laser beam

*Comment Porn Battle Post* AMTDI/SUV Sex/Solo Sex


Hey, it's party time!  Everybody's welcome to kick in some porn!

Yes, three themes this weekend:  Aliens Made Them Do it, Sex in the Torchwood SUV and Solo Sexing!

You can combine or choose one.

1. This should relate to TW or Doctor Who in some way. Crossovers are fine! The SUV counts as a character.
2. It should fit in the comment box. (That's about 500 words, max.) Please put the fandom and pairing in the subject line.
Example: Torchwood  Jack/Tosh
3. If you wish to write something longer, just add a summary or snippet and link to your LJ, or reply to your first comment with extra porn.
4. WIP snippets are fine, but the story shouldn't be published earlier - the Battles are for new sexy things. :)
5. Anon commenting is turned on with screening, in case you prefer to be anonymous.
6. Any ship-war sniping/negativity will be deleted.

Give posters a chance to edit, etc. before replying to a porn post, please.  You know how that ruddy preview thing works (badly).

Any issues/queries-  just message Andreth or Foxy.  Chat/Discussion thread here. Soundtrack by andreth47 (click pop-out player to keep the stream up in a new window).

Tags: porn battle
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