dynamite with a laser beam (51stcenturyfox) wrote,
dynamite with a laser beam

Frottage Comment Porn Battle


Hey, it's frot party time!  Everybody's welcome to kick in some porn!

PS: Please take a poll on the kink for the next battle


1. Frottage = expanded definition here. Sexual activity with no penetration. You know, humping and rubbing and stroking and shoving and grinding... maybe a little squeezing. Clothed or not.  Hands are fine.  ;)
2. It should fit in the comment box. (That's about 500 words, max.) Please put the fandom and pairing in the subject line.
Example: Torchwood  Jack/PC Andy
3. If you wish to write something longer, just add a summary or snippet and link to your LJ, or reply to your first comment with extra porn.
4. Any fandom is fine, but Torchwood and Doctor Who will probably predominate.
5. Anon commenting is turned on with screening, in case you prefer to be anonymous.

Give posters a chance to edit, etc. before replying to a porn post, please.  You know how that ruddy preview thing works (badly).

Any ship-war sniping/negativity will be deleted.  The goal: Hot, smutty fun for all!  Any issues/queries-  just message andreth47 or me, or post on the discussion thread here.

ETA following query: No gender restrictions, either. Femslash? Het?  Go for it.
ETA II: Music added. Its a party. We need music. (Requests for the playlist? PM me.) LINK to playlist.
Tags: fic, frottage, party
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