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Yuletide Letter - 2014

Hellooooo, writer! I had placeholder text in my prompts on AO3, because assignment day took me by surprise. My apologies!

On to the letter. :)

TSA America: Level Orange - web series

I've actually...written fic for this already. :D It was Officer Franklin/Duke. I'd love anything with these characters meeting up again, or POV of either about the first time they met, or basically you know, whatever. AUs are fine, too, though the TSA in this little series is so freaking weird that it's a trippy AU in itself. There's not a ton of fic for this series, so I'd be happy with whatever you come up with, honestly!

Starship Troopers - film

I've listed Johnny Rico and Dizzy Flores. I like their relationship best, even though Dizzy's pining is kinda painful. I LOVE THE PAIN, OKAY. Anything from friendship fic to romance to smut would please me. Outsider POV? Dizzy or Johnny POV? Johnny angsting after her death? High school fic? I'm cool with anything.

The Losers - film

Cougar and Jake, Jake and Cougar. My favorite characters. The moment Cougar snipers through the skyscraper window and saves Jake's ass is amazing. Clearly they are a great team. Mission fic, buddy fic, romance, Cougar and Jake playing cards, Cougar and Jake going out for a froyo, I don't care.

The Blacklist - TV

Love Elizabeth and Raymond's relationship. However you see it and want to interpret it is up to you, as long as they're allies. I'm not really a huge hurt/comfort person, but with them, I kind of am! Ressler is optional, but I like him as a character. The only character I don't want to see is Elizabeth's lying traitor of a husband, please. *cough*

Overall likes and dislikes: I'm a big fan of banter, circumstances in which characters have to awkwardly share a bed (it might be weird that I've written this scenario in...several fandoms, oops) or a cabin in a snowstorm. I like pining, humor, angst, buddy fic, stories with adventure plots and stories with no plot at all. I have pairings listed in case you feel like writing romance or smut, but I won't be disappointed if you don't. Gen is obviously great too. I'm easy to please! If you have any questions, I'll turn on anon commenting. :)  Thanks for writing, and I'm certain I'll love your story! <3

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