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I wrote Supernatural fic. Heh. After last week's episode, I haaaaad to. Along with everyone else, probably.

Title: hard to handle, easier to hold
Pairings: Dean/Castiel
Length: 3,500
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None.
Summary: “Cas,” Dean says calmly. “Finish your burrito. I have a plan.”

I did art (okay, I'm not really an artist, but I tried!) for arsenicjade's wonderful 2013 marvel_bang story A Painted White Unknown(It's Natasha/Maria and Natasha/Maria/Steve...ngah!)

My prompt in avengersfest inspired phoenixfalls to write Tony/Pepper/Thor! (Not for the fest, just for fun!) You know how Tony forgets dates and also gets Pepper weird gifts, like that frickin' giant bear? Well, he got better; this time he got her frickin' giant Thor. NICE:
Way Better Than Stationery

And I wrote my own avengersfest story. I hope the recip will like it! Read them here as they're revealed.

Also, Tom Hiddleston's Chris Evans impression. Perfect. :D

Yuletide? Haven't even started.
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