dynamite with a laser beam (51stcenturyfox) wrote,
dynamite with a laser beam

Dear Yuletide Writer

I like lots of things!

Agents of SHIELD (TV series)
I'd love a tropey story with any of these characters - trapped in an ice storm, pretending to be a couple, in any permutation or pairing (with any other characters you like as well.) I love humor and misunderstandings, and mission fics, too.  I'm sure I'd enjoy anything you wrote for this show, but classically tropey fanfic would be funtimes. A dark, serious story would be fine, too, though! I'm a pushover.

My favorites are Coulson and Melinda May, but I selected all of the available characters and I like everyone!

Real Genius (film)
I love this movie so, so much. I'd love anything with Chris Knight being...Chris Knight-ish. Does he dream a scheme? Does he wingman for Mitch at a symposium one weekend? and Does he give Jordan the sex-ed talk, complete with illustrative pieces of food? Does he visit Jerry Hathaway in jail and bring him a snuggie? He does all of these things, probably. And what's the story with Lazlo?

All characters available selected, and I enjoy 'em all (except Kent, obviously, because Kent) but would love a lot of Chris in there. I really don't slash him with anybody, since he's down with the ladies, but he might try something for science, right? (Not with Kent...)

Political Animals (TV miniseries)
T.J. is my favorite character, so anything centering on him would be lovely. What happens after Season 1?  Stories where he meets a new love interest or gets back together with a previous one seen in the series are totally great by me. I hope for a happy ending, but it can be bumpy along the way (a rehab story works - maybe he has a sober companion like Sherlock in Elementary...and they fall in love? Or not?) Slash or gen works.

What's Your Number (film)
Aaaaaanything Ally/Colin, or gen about Colin and his music? I would love a slice of life story, a first time, an anniversary, fluff, a tropey story, something angsty, or a nutty adventure. Maybe Colin's band takes off and Ally feels a little weird about it, or maybe Ally's sculptures make her famous? Maybe they start a business together? Or take a trip somewhere really unusual?

A date story would be incredible. What if they run into one of HIS exes? We know about hers. I'm not really into preg/kid fic though, I have to say. And I don't want them to break up, please!

AO3 Name: 51stcenturyfox

The common theme here is that I like a warm heart and a happy ending for Yuletide, so hopefully rocks don't fall and kill everyone.  :D

I am down with shippy fic, romance, or smut, or not if you like writing gen. Do I have to add "no scat" or does that go without saying? Okay, "no scat."
Tags: yuletide
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