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To my Yuletide Writer

Hmm. Oddly, my writer didn't seem to have received my details in the signup (maybe a glitch somewhere) so I'll post them here, too! :)  Anon commenting is on, so if you have questions, writer -- feel free to ask! 

  1. Summary

    I'd love some angst for Aaron...like he hasn't had enough, right?

    There has already been a lot of fic for Aaron during the program/medical testing period, so maybe after he's finally free? What does he do next? Does he have nightmares? Aaron/Marta or Aaron/OC of either sex is fine by me, but gen is great.

    His thought process as Kitsom, being selected for the program, would also be interesting, but I do kind of want a happy/hopeful ending, which is something I really liked about the film.

  2. Summary

    Any characters are fine -- I'd add them all if I could, but I adore Schmidt...a lot. I'd love to read Schmidt/Cece, or Schmidt/anyone, but the story doesn't have to be shippy. Maybe Schmidt goes on a business trip and has adventures, or has to pretend to be engaged to impress his new boss. (Maybe Cece won't go for that, and Jess volunteers, and is VERY sorry.) Or maybe he wants to impress his new boss who he thinks is gay because she likes the Indigo Girls and he's inferring incorrectly, because it's SCHMIDT, so Nick or Winston have to pretend to be Schmidt's fiance, for a MASSIVE FAVOR.) I love ridiculous situations, because hey...situation comedy. Extra love for appearance by the douchebag jar.

    I also like Nick/Jess. I'm sure I'll enjoy anything!

  3. Summary

    I'd like anything, but something with Jeff and Dean Pelton and costumes would be fantastic. Maybe Jeff loses a bet or makes a deal, and Dean Pelton gets to dress him up for a week HOWEVER HE WANTS. I like the idea that Jeff is secretly flattered by Dean Pelton's infatuation while being horrified at the same time. It's an emotional dichotomy. Come on...Kiss From A Rose!

    Adding Troy and Britta because I ship them! (And Troy/Abed/Annie.) But all the characters are awesome, so please feel free to go completely wild and do groupfic or whatever appeals. 

    Squicks: I don't particularly have any triggers. I'm squicked by torture, though, and also noncon for these canons. And uh, no watersports or scat, please!

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