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All of the Avengers and other stuff is on AO3. :)

The Ex - Jack/John fic

This is the pairing that got me into Torchwood fandom. I <3 them.

Academy Era:  Rude Introduction   |   Captivity |   Homeworld Honey
Time Loop:  Excalibur, Week 1 Gossip   | Hypnos   |  A Notional Rescue
Post Loop:  Reeled Back   |    Psyched   |   Time Agency Awards Banquet, 5094 |   Pleased To Meet You
Closure (the dénouement) Playlist

The Captain & the Butler - Jack/Ianto

Great Balls Afire - Canon pairings. Humour
Desk Set (Jack/Ianto frottage yay!)
Initial Velocity (first time fic)
Initiation (more first-timery)
Tell Me (dirty talk)
Pub Fiction (drunk!fic)
House Party (Jack watches Ianto/OCs. Gangbang tiem)
Different Strokes (genderswitched characters, written with [info]xtricks!)
Connected - Canon pairings  Post-CoE  AU (note, this is dark and if I say more, I'll ruin it.)
Tied and Peek
Romancing the Scone

Gwen Wants to Play

Fearnought (Greatcoat fetish!fic written with the lovely and talented [info]neifile7 )
Displacement (Jack/Gwen)
Little Pill (Jack/Gwen)
See. Deny. Accept. (Jack/Gwen + Rhys/Gwen  Angstfest.
We're Very Casual Here Jack/Gwen UST
99:00 (Ianto/Gwen)
The Assist (Rhys/Ianto/Gwen)
Under No Circumstances (John Hart/Gwen)
Two Moon Tango (John Hart/Gwen) Follow-up. Another girl, another planet. Booze. Sex.
Under the Gun (WIP) Gunplay. I should finish this.
After Frost (Jack/Gwen/Rhys, post CoE) Rhys is a game bloke, really.
Blood of Eden (Jack/Ianto/Gwen + canon pairings. Casefic writtien with xtricks)

Pick-A-Mix - I love rare pairs! :D

What Time Do You Get Off? (Jack/everyone. Voyeurism, Multimedia)
99:00 (Ianto/Gwen) - They're stuck in a timeloop. For how long?
Talking Shop (Tosh/Ten)
No Rush - After Mary, Tosh meets another woman. A really nice woman.
Three Proverbs (Tosh/Ianto, Tosh/Jack)
Don't Speak (Jack/Kathy Swanson)
The Assist (Rhys/Ianto/Gwen) - Comes from asking, "How would this possibly happen?"
Nurture (Ianto/tentacle alien)
Another Day (Jack/Tosh) - Sex gas, of course
Morning Wood (Ianto/Owen) - Since they're trapped anyway...
Windows (Tosh/Rhys) - They're both a little pissed off...
Pinup Girl (Jack/Estelle)
Knowledge (Jack/Tosh) Gen


Touch, Smell, Sight, Taste & Sound - various (SPN, TW, DW)
To Let - Ianto, Gwen, Owen
The Key Jack/John
Sleighed - Jack/Ianto
We Dabble Jack/Ianto, Martha

Other Torchwood Stories, Crossovers, RP, and Miracle Day
Survivor(s) - Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Rex (canon pairings)
Keep It Like A Secret - Everyone on the Torchwood team has one
Written by the Lipstick - MD, Jilly/Blue-eyed Man
Your Guess Is as Good As Mine - cracky and cliche-ridden
Fic: Never Love a Wild Thing - Breakfast at Tiffany's crossover (INORITE?) For reel_torchwood
Gwen E. Cooper RP journal: (this is AU parody RP as part of the Askverse)
Torchwood Three RP: (I'm Jones. Ianto Jones.)

Doctor Who:
Asleep At The Switch - Jack/Rose/Ten for the OT3 Ficathon  (bodyswap)
Stop - Jack/Ten
Sub-Subliminal - Jack, the Silence. Crossover
At the Still Point - Jack/Ten - written with [info]copperbadge* ([info]sam_storyteller ) and [info]shane_mayhem
Talking Shop- Tosh/Ten. Crossover
Time Has Come Today - Face of Boe(Jack)/Ten (crack)
Pros and Cons (crossover) Jack Harkness/Lady Christina - PG
Choose Your Own Adventure Amy/Rory/Doctor (Eleven)
Detained Lix X/John Hart

Other fandoms & Yuletide stories
Still Life - White Collar - Neal/Peter/El
Synchronized Swimming - Moonlighting - Dave/Maddie
Zihuatenejo - The Shawshank Redemption  Andy/Red
A Girl's Guidebook to Field Diplomacy - Scarecrow and Mrs King - Francine/Lee
L'elisir d'amore - X-Files - Mulder/Scully ficlet
Lady or the Tiger - Girl Number 9 alternate ending shortfic vBulletin statistic

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